Single Anchorage Points

Single Anchor Points are the most simple and cost effective way of providing fall arrest. Single anchor points provide fall arrest, fall restraint, rope access or rescue to your work force while carrying out work in areas such as window and gutter cleaning, inspection work or general maintenance. 360 Height Projects can provide you with the best solution to keep your employees protected.  


Söll-WAP – Wall Anchorage Point  A single anchor point, with integral fall indicator, which complies with EN795, Type A. Approved for 1 person, can be fixed to structural steel or non-cracked structural concrete (minimum thickness 165mm) The fall indicator will activate at 3.5kN.  The delivery includes the wall eyelet, the fixing elements as well as a compound anchor cartridge. The instruction sheet included must be observed accurately. Söll-RAP – Removable Anchorage Point  A new removable anchorage device which complies with EN 795, Type A. Approved to be used by two persons contemporarily.   The anchor eyebolt can be removed and reinserted into the anchor socket. It can only be released by the user pressing the unlocking button. The eyebolt can swivel ensuring the user can be safely connected in any position.  Both eyebolt and socket are made from stainless steel. The anchor socket should be fixed with chemical adhesive appropriate for the substrate. 

MultiPost anchorage point  With large, 360° rotating stainless steel lifting eye for the simultaneous securing of max 2 persons. This can also be used as a fall indicator.  Tested to DIN EN 795 – Type A, B. permitted load 15 kN. For fixing horizontal anchorage devices.  This System can be fixed to various roofs fixing to:  

Structural Steel 

Reinforced concrete 

Steel girders 

Wooden beams


Vi-Go Vertical Cable System

The unique & versatile system Söll Vi-Go is a fall protection system used in OEM or retrofitted onto existing climbing devices. The Vi-Go Vertical Cable System can be retrofitted to the ladders or rungs used in wind turbine, power supply, telecommunications or other industries. The system, which can support up to 8 workers, consists of:  

Approved cable (three diameters and two materials for choice)  

Ergonomic interfaces  

A revolutionary guided-type fall arrester adaptable with all approved diameters of cable  


High Quality & Flexible 

Components are made from high quality materials with corrosion resistant finishes.  Söll Vi-Go system is especially versatile and very simple to install thanks to its very few components.  Söll Vi-Go is available in different models and materials.  

Suitable for Many Locations 

Söll Vi-Go interfaces give access to different applications from the most standard to the most specific.  The system offers installation compatibility in a wide variety of environments (vibration, wind, rain, heat) and has been designed to increase user safety.  

Unrivalled Fall Arrest 

Due to its technological design and internal mechanisms, the fall arrester is extremely safe as it eliminates incorrect usage and due to its absorbing element reduces the fall impact on the user.  In the event of a fall, the system (cable & interfaces) does not require alteration hence only requires an inspection by a competent person.  

Safety for all Users 

Each fall arrester is equipped with a shock absorbing element made of stainless steel which is unique to Söll. This highly effective, durable absorber reduces the impact force to a minimum on a worker‘s body in the event of a fall. The value falls considerably below 6 KN which is stipulated in the EN 353-1 standard.  Since each shuttle is equipped with a cushioning element as opposed to being on the cable, the loads on the cable fixings are effectively reduced when there are several users. After a fall the cable does not necessarily need to be replaced.  

Easy To Use 

The user wears a full body harness (EN 361 compliant) and fastens the karabiner hook of the Söll Vi-Go shuttle to the fall protection/fall arrest attachment ring of a harness.  The unlock button is pressed with the thumb; the slider can then be opened using fingers. The shuttle can be placed on the approved cable by lifting the latch slightly.  Users can start climbing or descending once the shuttle has been fixed to the cable. The short distance between the harness and the shuttle is ergonomically positive and very safe. 


MultiRail Horizontal Rail System

The MultiRail horizontal anchorage device is a new type of personal safety system combining all the advantages of wire rope-based and rail-types stationary systems. MultiRail offers a very wide range of installation possibilities and guarantees protection against falls in hazardous zones, in accordance with European Standards. Due the simplicity of its design, MultiRail does not have to be serviced yearly as must be done with cable lifeline systems – thus reducing lifetime costs. 

Installation Positions:  Floor Level Installation (Fall Factor 2) – this installation would ideally be used in Fall Restraint  Waist Height Installation (Fall Factor 1) – this installation can be used for fall arrest or restraint and can also provide a handrail.  Above Head Installation (Fall Factor 0) – this installation provides the safest solutions when there is a fall risk and can be used in fall arrest or fall restraint. 


Safety Features 

Fixing centres can be up to 4m and it is certified for simultaneous use by up to 6 persons. In the case of a fall, the resultant forces are absorbed by the intermediate brackets therefore the end fixings loads are much lower than in the case of cable lifeline systems.  

Fully Tested and Compliant 

MultiRail has been fully tested according to the European Guidelines for personal safety equipment. The Söll MultiRail Horizontal Rail System conforms to the latest European standard EN 795 type D and CEN/TS 16415 regulations for horizontal anchor devices.  

Materials & Installation 

Resilient materials help the longevity of the product:  Stainless Steel product line is resistant in the toughest environmental conditions. Aluminium system provides the best price/quality solution for low-corrosive work environments. MultiRail can be customised to your building or structure design. 

The Söll MultiRail® system can now be used as an abseiling Rail, allowing people to work in suspension on façades (cleaning, painting, maintenance etc.) in a stainless steel version and provides a safe and ergonomic anchorage solution. Unlike other abseiling rails the MultiRail system has a discrete design allowing it to be almost un-noticed ensuring that the ascetics of the building are not jeopardised. 

The Lockable gliders allow users to work from a fixed position on the rail reducing possibility of swing movement from wind. EN795 and CEN/TS 16415 compliant The Söll MultiRail® system meets the latest European standard EN795 for anchorage devices type D and CEN/TS 16415 specification (for multi-users). The system is suitable for working in suspension under the following conditions:  

• Maximum 2 users per system  

• The structure is rigid enough that no deformation occurs during usage  

• Connection to two mobile anchor points (gliders), one for suspension and one for fall protection on the same rail.


Söll Xenon 2.0 Horizontal Lifeline System

The Söll Xenon 2.0 Horizontal Lifeline System is an innovative height safety solution. It’s a high quality, durable system made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and is ideally suited to industrial applications like working on crane runways, loading bays and roofs.  The system also doubles as an anchorage point to easily rescue workers should they fall. If a fall occurs, this effective system ensures structural damage is prevented.  


State-of-the-Art Shock Absorbing 

The Lifeline System incorporates a unique, state-of-the-art shock absorber, which uses patented Miller ‘Force-dispersal Technology’ to provide fall protection for up to seven workers across a maximum span of 20m (1X19 cable, 8mm wide), depending on the line configuration.  The new Söll Xenon energy absorber functions as a four-in-one device: a tension indicator, a cable tensioner, an energy absorber and a fall indicator.  Only one energy absorber is necessary for all installations, irrespective of whether it’s an overhead or standard installation (on posts or against walls). Key Features:  Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type D standard  Guarantees structural integrity and protects up to seven workers  The new and unique multi-functional shock absorber prevents damage to a variety of structures  New overhead shuttle with improved sliding performance 

Fully Tested 

To prove how effective the Miller ‘Force-dispersal Technology’ would perform if up to seven workers fell consecutively the system was put through a ‘multiple fall’ test.  A test mass of 200kg (representing two workers) was initially dropped followed by five more masses weighing 100kg each (representing five workers).  To test for structural integrity, an extra 650kg was added to the load for three minutes. 


Kingspan Fall Protection

Download “360 Height Projects Kingspan SafeTraxx” Safetraxx-Data-Sheet-V9-360.pdf – Downloaded 100 times – 541 KB

SafeTraxx is a robust personal fall protection system, comprising of a high-grade precision-extruded aluminium rail.
System Type: Rail
Application: Personal Fall Protection System
Fixing Detail: Top-Skin (no insulation penetration)
Metal Type: Precision extruded aluminium rail
Installation: During or after construction
Testing: Fully compliant with BS EN 795:D
Compatibility: Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof Panels
Guarantee: 25 year product guarantee


Soter II

The industry-leading Horizontal Lifeline System allows users to safely work at height without restrictions to their movement. Fitted to the outer roof skin, the system uses innovative shock-absorbing technology to spread and dissipate the shock load of a multi- or single-user fall, protecting both users and the roof structure.

Versatile applications: Modular post and universal base plate. Covers virtually all standard applications. Tested in conjunction with major roofing manufacturers of trapezoidal, composite, standing-seam and bituminous & single ply roof systems, there is a solution to all your horizontal safety lifeline needs.

Independently certified: the system is independently tested and certified by SATRA to fully comply with all current European standards: EN795:2012 class A & C; CEN/TS16415:2013 UNI11578 as well as Australian and New Zealand requirements: AS/NZS1891.2:2001.

Full-traversable continuous fall protection system: the user can move freely whilst connected to the line, without the need to disconnect from the system and compromise their safety in any way. Our unique CE-marked Slyder device is designed to pass freely over all brackets & corners, allowing access and egress anywhere along the system and avoiding the need for expensive entry/exit terminals.

Multi-purpose, multi-user: the system is designed to protect up to 4 users, and can be used for fall arrest, work restraint, and work positioning. Alternatively posts can be installed as single point anchors for centralised maintenance tasks within a specific area of interest.

Post yield force 4kN: Force required to release energy-absorbing element, resists accidental deployment.


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