Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Horizontal safety line or man safe systems are a fully stainless steel fall protection system complete with a meaningful ‘insurance backed, third party’ warranty. The warranty covers full put right costs of the roof/ building and any other items that have been damaged/ affected by the failure of the product.

Internal components made from 304 grade and external components Marine grade 316 stainless steel, the system is likely to outlive most roof substrates.
Systems can be fitted to most roof types, including metal trapezoidal roof sheets, standing seam and the majority of flat roofing applications, including bespoke solutions to wall and over head locations.
Original Equipment Manufacturers approvals held. Tested to the industry standard EN795.

The man safe systems simplicity means it is installed rapidly, used with ease, without any need for expensive entry terminals, or complicated traveller devices.

Flat Roof / Single Ply / Membrane Installations.
Posts are PVC Coated to allow for simple sealing and weathering.

Benefit of the system can be fitted in one visit once the roofing membrane has been laid as the posts are located on top of the insulation

Fixed using stainless steel gravity toggles, to both metal and ply decks, Soter is the only system tested on OSB (smart ply) board.

When fitting to a concrete deck, the posts are simply installed using stainless steel rod and resin.

Standing Seam Systems
Top fix posts are installed using a unique non- penetrative seam clamp, thereby not compromising the integrity and weather tightness of the roof.

The clamps are quick and easy to install and thanks to their unique design, the posts sit lower in the pan not only aiding performance but system aesthetics.

Trapezoidal and Composite roofing systems
Top fix posts are quickly installed to all roof sheet profiles, using unique legs that match the corrugation spacings.

0.7mm outer sheets, require only 4 rivets which means, less penetrations in the roof sheet and a quicker install time.

The legs are secured with Structural bulb-tite rivets which are 6 times stronger than self-drilling fixings. The legs seal to crowns of the corrugations with neoprene pads.

Green roof applications can be accommodated using fabricated posts of any height.