PivotLoc Ladder

PivotLoc is a foldable ladder system with incorporated GlideLoc Fall Arrest Rail. In the closed position, the rungs pivot together behind the central Guide Rail. This offers an aesthetically pleasing solution and controlled access.  When used with the Söll Vertical Comfort Traveller the Pivotloc system offers users a safe and confidence access solution.

The Pivotloc can span the full length of the height difference, giving a fully discreet system (max full length of PivotLoc is 20m).  The PivotLoc can offer anti-climb used in conjunction with GlideLoc Y-Spar and Twin Ladder Systems as an alternative to a security cover plate. Having a 3m section at the bottom which locks to allow restricted use.  A new addition to the PivotLoc range is the Top Opening PivotLoc ladder. This now allows users to access lower platforms opening the PivotLoc from the top of the ladder.